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NUCL Program and Abstracts
245th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition April 7-11, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 2013 NUCL Newsletter

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Coryell Award
Deadline for 2012 nominations: 
April 20, 2012
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Abstracts of past national meetings

Future Symposia

Fall 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, September 8-12, 2013, Indianapolis, Indiana

Deadline for online abstract
submission is March 18, 2013

NUCL Symposia:
“Actinide Materials”
Organizers: Dr. Tori Forbes, University
of Iowa,

Dr. Ginger Sigmon, University of Notre Dame, gsigmon@nd.edu
Dr. Peter Burns, University of Notre Dame, pburns@nd.edu

"Young Investigators"
Organizers: Suzy
Lapi, Mikael Nilsson

"Nuclear Reactions"
Organizers: Walt Loveland

"General Topics in Nuclear and

Organizers: Ken Nash and
Jenifer Braley

"Recent advances in the inorganic chemistry of technetium and rhenium"
Organizers: Ken Czerwinski, Lynn Francesconi, Silvia Jurisson


Chart of the Nuclides

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory  is now handling the sales and distribution of the Chart of the Nuclides.  The web site for ordering is

Graduate School Locator
(this is a map showing the location of graduate programs in Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry in the U.S.  - if you would like a new link, please contact the webmaster)


   2013 Glenn T. Seaborg Nuclear Chemistry Award


Richard G. ("Dick") Haire          

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO BOX 2008 MS6375
Oak Ridge TN 37831-6375

Haire will present the award address before the ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology at the New Orleans meeting.

Latest information about Nuclear and Radiochemistry Graduate Programs in the United States and Canada (PDF File - 11-12-2008)

Photos from the 2013 New Orleans National American Chemical Society Meeting

Dave Robertson and Robert Rundberg presenting the Outstanding Student Award at the San José State University Summer School to John Gray of Georgia Tech.

Dave Robertson and Robert Rundberg presenting the Outstanding Student Award at the Brookhave National Laboratory Summer School to Justin Vadas of Earlham College.

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