Nuclear and Radiochemistry Manpower Needs

2008 Anaheim American Nuclear Society Symposium
Carolyn J. Anderson and Michael J. Welch -- Graduate Training in Imaging Sciences at Washington University
    Jeff Norenberg and Robert Atcher, -- UNM College of Pharmacy, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Program, New Mexico Center for Isotopes in Medicine’ LANL Isotope Production Program
    Ken Nash, Sue Clark, Paul Benny, Aurora Clark, Don Wall, Nathalie Wall, Jim Elliston -- Filling the “Isotope Specialist” Pipeline: The Washington State University Approach
    Heino Nitsche -- Is there a Crisis in  Nuclear and Radiochemistry Education in the U.S.?
    J. David Robertson, Silvia Jurisson, Susan Lever -- Reversing The Trend - Radiochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia

2012 National Academy of Sciences Report
Assuring a Future U.S. Based Nuclear and Radiochemistry Expertise