The Seaborg Award Fund

Each year, the NUCL Division must raise thousands of dollars to support the Seaborg Award, a recognition of outstanding contributors in the field of nuclear and radiochemistry.  Rather than raise Division dues to fund the award, the Division is soliciting contributions and looking for industrial sponsors.  If you have any ideas about funding this important award, please contact the Division Chair.

To make an on line donation to the Seaborg award please click the following address and type Seaborg Award  in the "other" box and follow the directions -

If you would like to donate via a check - make your check out to ACS - Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology "Seaborg Award"  and send it to the Division Treasurer at the address listed below:

Dr. AliCe M. Murray
Savannah River National Laboratory
Building 773-A
Aiken, South Carolina 29808