How to Get Items Posted on the DNCT Web Site

If you would like your item to appear on the DNCT web site, please send it to me one of the following ways, in descending order of preference:


Please do not send a fax. The quality is often too poor for scanning.


  • Email (files can be almost any format: .PCX, .TIF, .BMP, etc.)
  • Diskette containing a file of your bitmapped photo
  • Color or B&W photo for scanning
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like any of these materials returned to you.

    It is not necessary to submit a document in HTML form. In fact, I would prefer to edit your document to conform to current page formats.

    Of course, instead of submitting text to me, you may prefer that DNCT Web users simply link to another web document at your institution. In that case, just send me your URL. Please include your E-mail address in case I have difficulties accessing your link.

    Thank you!

    Frank Kinard, DNCT Webmaster

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