Satellite Survey of Western Thebes
A Differential GPS Mapping Project of the
Private Tombs of Sheikh Abd el-Qurnah
October 2005 - June 2006
Data Collection and Field Investigation: Peter A. Piccione, Ph. D.
Lab Investigation: Norman S. Levine, Ph. D.

Field work for the Satellite Survey of Western Thebes is funded as an individual fellowship to Prof. Peter Piccione for field investigation from the American Research Center in Egypt, Inc. (ARCE) through a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The project is a pilot study of the On-line Geographical Information System for the Theban Necropolis (OLGIS-TN), and Prof. Piccione will transmit all field data on a regular basis to Prof. Levine in Charleston for GPS and GIS processing. As such, this project represents a collaborative effort.

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