Satellite Survey of Western Thebes
A Differential GPS Mapping Project of the
Private Tombs of Sheikh Abd el-Qurnah
October 2005 - June 2006
Data Collection and Field Investigation: Peter A. Piccione, Ph. D.
Lab Investigation: Norman S. Levine, Ph. D.

Issues and Problems

In comparing the satellite data to previously published maps and plans of the necropolis, including those of the Survey of Egypt, Porter and Moss, and Friedericke Kampp, OLGIS-TN has found not a few peculiarities, inconsistencies, omissions, and errors in tomb locations, designations, and plans (e.g., placing tombs in the wrong locations, identifying the same numbered tombs in several different locations, errors in ground plans, etc.). Even Kampp's prodigious and invaluable work can be deceiving by fostering an injudicious sense of over-confidence in its accuracy and completeness. However, by her own admission, her plans are actually only measured "sketches" (Skizze), not precisely drawn maps, and many important tombs were omitted merely because they fell outside of her drawing area (e.g., TT103). Elsewhere, groups of tombs have been clustered out of place (e.g., in el-Khokha). Some of the inconsistencies are perhaps irreconcilable, but others are not. Therefore, an important part of this survey is to try to confirm the correct locations of the problematical tombs, to confirm ground-plans where necessary, and to make digital photos of every tomb facade not already photographed.

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