I am pleased to provide this report on the "Chemistree" Project which was co-sponsored by the South Carolina Section, the Western Carolinas Section and the South Carolina Association of Chemistry Teachers.

The "Chemistree" was a coniferous tree that is decorated with common everyday objects. Each object is fashioned into an ornament and labeled with its chemical composition. For example, a penny would be labeled as Cu and Zn; a nickel would be labeled as Ni; a sugar cube would be labeled as C12H22011; a lump of coal would be labeled as C; etc.

By bulk mailing to schools throughout the entire state of South Carolina, I solicited ornaments for the "Chemistree" from K-12 students. By December 1, I received approximately 100 ornaments made by the students. A six-foot artificial tree, lights and garland were purchased. The tree was set up on December 7 in the South Carolina State Museum and decorated with the ornaments.

The "Chemistree" was on display in the science wing of the State Museum all during the Christmas holidays. It is estimated that 50,000 visitors to the Museum were able to see the display.

On behalf of the South Carolina Association of Chemistry Teachers, thank you for providing funding and assistance to promote this wonderful project that creates interest in chemistry and helps generate public understanding of the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives. I was most happy to volunteer my time for this project.

Sondra F. Wieland Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

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